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Dive Spirit Mauritius is a diving centre in the north of Mauritius.

We personally welcome individuals and are happy to take small groups too. We are committed to providing a customized service for the dive of your choice.

We are equipped to offer introductory dives and dives for those with more experience (such as wrecks and deep dives) as well as PADI training for beginners through to experienced divers.

We can accommodate adventure divers, underwater photographers, videographers and beginners.

At Dive Spirit, our philosophy is to promote safe and secure diving in a friendly atmosphere so you feel comfortable above and underneath the water.

We strive to provide you with a unique, fun and safe experience.

Our diving centre meets all the PADI safety requirements and more, with an eco-responsible behavior during our dives.

Theirry leads our team and has dived professionally for over 22 years. He is a Master Instructor Level diver. Our team are multi-lingual professionals who are experts in their particular fields. 

From your first contact with Dive Spirit Mauritius through to your dives, you will be treated in a friendly, yet professional, manner.

Diving Mauritius

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First equipment to buy - mask and computer

What piece of Scuba equipment should you buy first?

One of the questions most newly qualified divers ask is “What piece of scuba equipment should I buy first?” My answer is usually “it depends” since there are a few factors to consider: how often do you intend diving how much are you comfortable with spending when you go to your first scuba diving store […]

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15 Diving Themed Movies For Your Extended Surface Interval

Diving themed movies can help fill the gap between dives when you want to be in the water but for one reason or another, it’s going to be awhile before you’re wearing scuba gear again. Welcome to the extended surface interval – please prepare your popcorn and get comfortable. Some movies are serious, some are […]

Title page for blog covid-19 and scuba diving with us

Covid-19 and Scuba Diving With Us

Covid-19 has impacted scuba diving in many ways including less travel and a greater concern about hygiene practices.
This is what we have done so if you are not self-isolating and able to reach us, you will be able to still dive with here.

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