Registering with PADI for the Online Divemaster Knowledge Development Training

Dive Spirit Mauritius Divemaster

Registering with PADI for the Online Divemaster Knowledge Development Training

I’ve now registered with PADI so I can begin the elearning course.

This process took me a bit longer than expected because part of it involves nominating the dive centre that I will be doing the practical part of the training with.

No matter how I searched the system, I couldn’t find a single dive centre in Mauritius registered. I’m not sure why. I wrote to PADI to ask if there was a workaround or if they could add Dive Spirit Mauritius to it.

They went with the workaround option which was for me to choose any dive centre in any country since it doesn’t seem to matter where I then do the practical part. I still don’t know why there are no dive centers based in Mauritius in their system.

I chose one in Hong Kong since that’s where I’ve been living for quite a while now and I figured that would be the one I could visit (if needed) before I went to Mauritius.

It will be interesting to see what a different choice would mean. I think this is the centre PADI will notify once I finish the online portion. It’s ok though because I’ll also have an electronic record of the sections I have passed and can take that with me to Mauritius to use there.

I have completed a diving medical statement within the last 12 months because I needed to do this for the Blue Ventures volunteer program so I won’t need to do that part again and I will need to bring that part with me too.

Now all I have left to do is study the eight knowledge development sections and pass the knowledge reviews. I’m not sure how long this portion is likely to take so I’ll allow about 12 hours for it based on how long some other PADI elearning courses take. PADI have some additional information about the Divemaster course and I will find out the rest as I go.

I can also look at doing the Dive Theory online too which, assuming I successfully pass, would give me credit for half of the Divemaster Final Exam. I’d like to take all the help I can get so it’s highly likely I’ll do this too.

Aside from the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) review (which I would like to do anyway), it also covers dive physics, physiology, skills and equipment and environment.

This part will take 12-15 hours to complete.

It sounds very comprehensive!

I have a year to complete this training from my registration and will have perpetual access to the ebook manual. I will still need to buy some other materials to complete the course:

- current PADI Instructor Manual
- the Table RDP and eRDPML
- The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving - that one sounds interesting!
- set of PADI Divemaster slates

I’d better get started studying…

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