Let The Studies Begin…

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Let The Studies Begin...

I’ve started to study and have been reminded that I will need to be careful with how I plan my time so I fit it all in before going to Mauritius for the practical part.

I began at the very beginning, because, like Julie Andrews sang in The Sound of Music, that’s a very good place to start.

I read all the supporting material and the tips on how to study for the course. The tips are pretty good and the main one that I took away was to write out the module objectives and listen for the answers to each as the video played.

The layout of each video explains the module objectives before then talking through each with some examples. The next section then went individually through each objective and provided additional information. This helped me understand each objective a bit better.

At the end of each section is a little quiz and any you get wrong, you can go back and review before doing that particular question again.

At the end of the whole module, there’s a Knowledge Test. The same as the quiz, you need 100% before it is considered as complete.

There were 8 sub-modules in the first section and once I finished that, I was taken to another screen to confirm that I understood it all and I can now go to the next main module which is Assisting With Student Dives.

What I learnt from the whole process (aside from the bits directly related to the Divemaster training itself) was that it seemed to be more effective for me to write each objective when it first appeared, listen to the video and during the second portion (where they individually go through each objective), to take notes at that point.

This helped me remember it better for when I was doing the quiz and the Knowledge Test.

It took me a couple of hours to complete this module so I also know I’ll have to plan carefully to make sure I complete all of these and the Dive Theory course before I leave for Mauritius to do the practical part.

But first, the next module…..

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